LifePlan Labs is the easiest way to integrate a career development and life skills curriculum within your school district. Our complete solution spans beyond the classroom to give better insight to counselors and administrators to give them the data they need to help their students succeed.

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We believe students should plan for college and career as early as the 6th grade level.  For more information on our curriculum solution for grades 6 through 8, please create an educator account here!

LifePlan Labs - college readiness curriculum for middle school

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TEKS college readiness curriculum

The beginning of the LifePlan Labs solution lies within our complete curriculum aligned with Texas state standards.  These are not lesson fragments, templates or piecemeal lessons —  we developed everything your classrooms need to enable your teachers to deliver a comprehensive lesson while adhering to the TEKS standards set forth by the Texas Education Agency.  From discussion questions to exit slips — our program is designed to be truly turnkey.  One great feature is we leave the integration up to your individual school or district.

Additional details about the curriculum:

  • 16 topics per grade level (64 in total)
  • Each topic is designed to be taught for two weeks (8 to 10 class periods)
  • 8 lesson plans fully developed for each topic (50 minute lessons)
  • Directly aligned with TEKS standards: specifically ELA (including ELPS)
  • Scope & Sequence and Pacing Calendar available upon request
  • Our content builds on what is already being taught
  • Exact integration is up to your school

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For more information on our curriculum solution for the post-secondary student, please create an educator account here.

career readiness curriculum

complete college readiness curriculumOur content is delivered in a customized learning management system built on top of a system you are likely already familiar with — Canvas by Instructure.  We have added our own content and tools to make your experience seamless and your students engaged.

Features our team has focused on:

  • Real-time feedback from student to teacher during class
  • Full lesson plans and assessments pre-loaded into the LifePlan Labs learning portal
  • Comprehensive tools to assign grades and give feedback on assignments
  • Calendar and mail system built in to stay organized

LifePlan Labs provides tools to increase the time your counselors spend with each student.  Create an educator account here to get started.

counselor toolkit for high school

Our team is interested in seeing LifePlan Labs students’ plan all the way to the end.  Connecting students with potential employers and preparing the student for the real world is part of the LifePlan Labs solution.  Contact us for more details.