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It can be challenging to find ways to advance your career, but sometimes, good fortune springs from places you might not think to look. There are methods for developing your circumstances for improvement and growth.  Read on for insights on how women can prosper professionally, even when opportunities appear limited.

Embrace leadership

Women are natural born leaders in many ways. They guide youth toward good choices, manage households, and balance homes with careers. If your job has stagnated, it might be time to take leadership to the next level by starting your own business. The Wall Street Journal explains there are sure signs entrepreneurship is right for you, like being passionate about what you do, the ability to juggle responsibilities, and ample tolerance for risk.

If you are considering a relatively simple entry into your own business, e-commerce is a solid choice. You can pursue a dropshipping model with minimal investment. The key is to choose an interesting product and have a useful website which users far and wide can access comfortably, regardless of what kind of device they use. Finally, ensure excellent customer service is part of your standard practices, so your company stands above the competition, and don’t forget to have a secure payment system in place before you open your doors.

Grow with Other Women Leaders: Find a Mentor

Do you have a great workplace, and feel ready for the next step in the company hierarchy? When seeking a promotion, one idea is to request an evaluation from your supervisor. Asking constructive criticism shows you are interested in self-improvement on the company’s behalf. Another approach is to seek out a mentor. Someone who is already in the position of your dreams can offer valuable insights on how to achieve your goals. Consider connecting with someone within your company, but don’t overlook people on the outside. A fresh perspective can often shine a favorable light on your situation.

Try a new path

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#8db74a” class=”” size=””]”My best successes came on the heels of failures.” -Barbara Corcoran[/perfectpullquote]The answers for our dilemmas sometimes lie in fully reframing our careers. If you are dissatisfied with your work, feel burned out, or never pursued something that interested you, it might be time to begin a new journey. Specific career transitions require schooling, but there are ample opportunities, and you would be one of many women bettering their lives by pursuing studies. You can even stay with your current work while taking online or evening courses, ensuring your income remains consistent while advancing your education.

Outline your plan 

No matter what direction you choose, it’s in your best interest to establish a plan for how to reach your goals. It’s a useful tool in defining where you are now in comparison with where you want to be, especially if you feel your path or objectives are unclear. Consider sitting down and writing out a list of your skills, accomplishments, and abilities. Clarify your goals, and lay out a timeline for when you will make specific improvements. If you don’t already have one, create a resume highlighting all you have to offer your future employer or clients. Consider it a living document that will grow as you advance yourself. If you are still feeling uncertain, you can take an online quiz to help you define things more clearly.

When your career seems stunted, it’s essential to seek new opportunities. Consider what inspires you and where to spark improvement. Advancing your job can be challenging, but with the right framework, you will prosper.

Next Steps

If you’re a mentor to a young leader, consider working through our mentoring protocol checklist. You can download it for free by clicking the link below.

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