curriculum to prepare us for life

Survey data shows that 92% of executives
agree that soft skills are crucial
of high-performing employees;
however, 89% have significant difficulty
hiring qualified employees with strong soft skills

State standards-based
mental health and soft skills
curriculum made easy

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LifePlan Labs is a digital curriculum resource focusing on teaching career-essential soft skills and improving mental health for students during grades 6- 12.

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Why do soft skills matter?

Learn why soft skills matter in 90 seconds in a candid interview with Principal Castilleja, M.Ed.

Principal Castilleja leads the students of Clifton Middle School in Houston ISD, in Houston, Texas.

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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Using the standards set forth by the CASEL Foundation, our program focuses on the five major categories of social and emotional learning (SEL). As a result, schools see an $11 return on every $1 invested in SEL programming. Above all, SEL is a critical factor in improving mental health in students.

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College Readiness

Most college readiness programs are full of gaps, leaving the student asking more questions than answered. Meanwhile, our topics go beyond the basics (like taking the ACT/SAT and applying for FAFSA) by including issues such as “How to Focus When School Becomes Tough.” As a result, the student has a better chance of staying enrolled.

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Career Readiness

From “Building Effective Resumes” to “Professionalism in the Workplace,” our curriculum includes topics crucial to developing well-rounded students with their careers in mind. We go beyond the basics here as well, including “How to Deal with Difficult People” and “How to Ask the Right Questions” to workplace leadership.

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Read More: Relevancy of SEL
Learn More: The Nationwide Gap
Discover More: New Grad Mistakes

Financial Literacy

Our content includes topics specifically designed to engage the 21st-century learner around financial literacy. We skipped boring, paper worksheets on economic vocabulary. In other words, we made our content easy to teach and fun to learn.

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Life Readiness

When we prepare 21st-century learners for college and career, we must also admit that the information age connects people like never before. As a result, our fifth element is truly meant to make students global-ready. These topics include “How to Accept Other Cultures” and “Being an Effective Team Player.”

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Learn More: 3 Ways to Help Retention
Discover More: An Innovative Approach

For less than $2 per student you can prepare your students for life in a whole new way.

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Mentoring Conversation
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Mr. Jim Wells

Education Consultant
Former Principal at Cypress Creek High School

"There is a critical need to produce competent workers for our changing, global economy. Preparing students for success in post-secondary opportunities that will connect them to these viable jobs is critical to the well-being of our economy and to the future of our nation- our young, diverse population in Houston is one of the greatest resources we have, and we should view it as a solution rather than a problem”

Mrs. Sharon Bey

Past President of the Texas School Counselor Association
and Lead Professional School Counselor

"Counselors in secondary education find it increasingly difficult to make contact with every student assigned to them due to large student loads and increasing responsibilities. LifePlan Labs allows counselors to reach more students as they collaborate with classroom teachers to present standards-based lessons that integrate college, career and life skills directly into the academic curriculum. This program gives school counselors access to greater numbers of students to help them prepare for whatever challenges life after high school presents."